Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Girl's Night

When I used to travel, the boy would indulge in what he called "boy's night". "What do you do on boy's night?" I'd ask. "Oh, you know...watch movies, eat my favorite foods, play computer games or just veg out" was the response.

Which always puzzled me because that's pretty much EVERY night at our house. But he would just wave it off and say it was somehow different.

I think I understand now.

Instead of moping around the house like a sad sack, I've planned a girl's night for myself. Something silly, frivolous and fun and wholly centered around my enjoyment and pleasure. [ed. again, no different from every other night. I am spoiled.]


  1. I completely approve of your girl's night. I read something that said that in bad economic times, women typically splurge on lipstick, but my favorite small purchase has always been nail polish.

    I hope you had a fun night!

  2. Likewise re: nail polish

    Okay, after watching the full version of SATC and then again with the director's commentary... I can honestly say, I am sexed out.

    I'm soooo typical. I still always cry at certain scenes, certain phrases.

    Like -- I will love you forever.

  3. There better be some of that ice cream left when I get home! And what is that second movie? (I think I earn "man points" for not knowing)

  4. Are you coming home tonight?

    That movie is "27 Dresses" - about a perpetual bridesmaid.

  5. I like doing girl's nights out too, but I tend to give myself a pedicure at the same time. Often I'll do these when Q is playing, but now we'll be in the same room. This doesn't bode well, as he makes fun of my movie choices, my pedicure, and my food selection.

    Honey, we need a bigger house. Better yet, the area over the garage can become my room and you can stay in the cave, um, the basement.

  6. Lirri ~ why don't you give Q a pedicure while he's playing Warhammer and then you have the best of both worlds?