Thursday, July 10, 2008

That Was Then

We have such a love/hate relationship with all the green space around our house. We love the idea of a lush backyard but we hate the reality of the maintenance. Well, truthfully, we put in very little effort but we'll still mumble about it.

And unlike other families, we spend absolutely no time in our backyard. No BBQ's, no outdoor lunches, no kids playing in the grass. If people didn't see us driving out of our garage, they might doubt we actually live here.

Despite all of our complaints, there are some moments when we both stand back with pleasure and take in what we've (or Mother Nature) created over the years.

In early 2003, we went crazy planting trees, shrubs etc to cover up the weathered grey fence and the overhead wires (the wires weren't on our property - but they were still an eyesore). James did all the heavy lifting while I told him where to plant stuff. Poor boy got tendonitis in his right arm which his doctor originally diagnosed as gout. That tickled us pink. Now, everything is gout unless proven otherwise.

But I digress. Here's the backyard 5 years ago. Picture taken with some crappy digital camera.

July 2008. Green. Lush. Fence hidden, wires hidden.

I guess it's worth the effort. I think.


  1. That is gorgeous!
    Totally worth the bouts of gout.

  2. That looks so pretty! Kend/Daniel is allergic to grass, so I know that if we ever own a house, we'll either have to have one of those weird gardens without any grass or we'll have to pay other people to take care of it and we'll lose the satisfaction that comes from doing it yourself.

  3. The trees grew!

    That's crazy, I've played WoW for 3 years(?) now and none of the trees grow like that!?

  4. The trees didn't grow, Q. We got tired of waiting and planted full grown versions last week.

  5. You should add a nice stone bench out there. Don't ever have to use it, but it'd look nice and it'd be something else for your better half to lift along with those fully grown trees!

  6. What a big difference!

  7. I feel some more gout coming on...

  8. Umm.. the swelling and growth in that region isn't gout, honey.