Wednesday, July 23, 2008


It's interesting how something so minor, like a tidy bed, can fill me with a sense of peace and calm. It's also interesting that given how much enjoyment I get out of said tidy bed, I so rarely take the time to actually make it in the morning.

The boy thinks it's because I'm so anal about the process. Sheets must be ironed, corners tucked in, everything nice and taut. It becomes a whole lot of effort. But after a few weeks of a helter skelter bedroom, I like this version so much better - and I will endeavor to keep it this way. Every day. Let's see how many consecutive days I can manage.

Oh, and for observant viewers, those are the new nightstands we got to replace the old cherry ones. The last of the bedroom pre-Cindy furniture is gone! Hurrah.


  1. Q thinks your header has monkeys on it.

    I like the new furniture! If only our room looked that nice... we have E's computer, desk, and chair in our room right now (so that G can have her own room), and it's a little cramped in here. Soon, soon we will be in the new house!

  2. You should see the painting we have of a naked woman on a nice black velvet background!

  3. I guess velvet paintings aren't furniture... is it the last bit of non-furniture that's PT? ;)