Monday, July 28, 2008

Plethora Of Pizza

It's both interesting and intensely boring to cook for the boy. He goes through particular food phases and will become infatuated with a certain dish, requesting it every day, every night for weeks.

He also recently gave up eating cheese because of the animal enzymes (James, don't click on the link) and subsequently, had to forego a lot of his favorite foods. Like cheese. Like pizza. It also makes cooking for him a lot more challenging.

Luckily, I found some vegan-friendly cheese et voilĂ , we're back in business.

So, the flavor of the month is home-made pizza, slathered with his favorite toppings. I made 4 of these this morning.

They should last the week.


  1. For the record, this pizza is awesome! I'd eat it morning, noon and night.

    As it is, I sneak extra servings...

  2. Such a pretty pizza picture!

  3. It looks quite tasty! What brand of vegan cheese do you use? I've tried several non-cow cheeses, but nothing cooks/melts correctly (plastic-y mac 'n cheese or pizza who's cheese won't melt, but is burned on the edges). Thanks!

  4. Non-cow cheese? Like rice cheese? Sounds gross.

    I use cow cheese - without animal enzymes (aka rennet)- from Horizon Organic. There's a list of cheeses that fit that description here, so you might be able to find something locally.

  5. Interesting. I've tried almond cheese and soy cheese, both of which have issues in the melting/cooking department. My problem with cheese is that it's made with cow milk, and cow milk doesn't like me. I have a much easier time with it now than I did several years ago, but I still have to watch my intake.