Thursday, July 03, 2008

What Noise?

Last night, I woke up certain that our house had cracked in half and that I was experiencing a mild cardiac event. Normally, I love thunderstorms... when I'm watching the lightning show with some hot cocoa, curled up on my sofa.

Which is nothing like being jerked awake by a sonic boom directly overhead, while the equivalent of flash bang grenades explode in your bedroom.

The boy woke up to comfort me. He managed to stay awake for approximately 2 more cracks of thunder before his hand went slack and he stopped answering my questions. I have always been amazed at his ability to sleep no matter the situation.

Like in Sequoia National Park. Some animal scratched at our tent flap at 3 am. He woke up momentarily, registered the sound enough to realize "ooh, that could be a problem - pretty scary" right before passing out again. Meanwhile, I'm beside him lying frozen in terror, wondering how to fashion a rudimentary weapon out of my air pillow.

Anyways. I still love storms. Just not when I'm sleeping.


  1. Yes, yes... I have incredible sleeping super powers! They also make it so that I don't know if my wife snores.

    Now what are they... a curse or a blessing?

    I really need to work on being able to sleep with eyes open. I've done it in the past, I just need to make it happen more often.

  2. Think of all the really great things you could do to Fizzie while he sleeps! Paint his nails, pour frozen marbles in bed with him (they roll to the lowest point, you know...!), put a giant teddy bear dressed in lingerie and be ready with a camera, ... all sorts of fun and games could be had!

    The storm sounds pretty frightening - to be woken up to! I agree that storm watching is a lot of fun (we don't get many good thunder storms here), but not when they wake me up!

    Happy Independence Day!

  3. Huh, and I didn't hear jack! LOL

  4. Oh, you didn't know, honey? Well, let me clarify it for you. I do not snore. There you go!

    Lirri~ I have done a lot of fun things while he's sleeping. Definitely including painting his toenails. Though I have managed that feat while he was awake and watching TV. Hmmm.

    Charl~ What the hell!? You live half a mile away from me!