Monday, July 14, 2008


Yes, it's probably much warmer...ummm... everywhere else. But it doesn't matter. It's simply too hot here. And even in my air-conditioned cocoon, I feel it. Our office is the smallest room in the house, on the second floor and packed full of computers and sweaty humans.

Downstairs - almost too chilly. Office - sauna. Blah. I think we'll temporarily move our computers into the family room until the summer is over.

Meanwhile, I've been slowly covering my fridge with Tokidoki prints. The boy seems confused enough not to do anything. Here's the latest one that's going up...


  1. Is the pink one a cactus pirate?

  2. What the heck is happening to my fridge?

    My house is slowly turning into a Tokidoki emporium. You've heard of the site called HelloKittyHell, expect soemthing similar from me in the future...

  3. Very cute! Our fridge has become downright naked. I'm so looking forward to being done with moving!! Here's to selling our house quickly!!! (We'll have room for visitors, ya know....)

  4. Nubcakes will be blogging?? Wow! The Donut King will return! You'll have to check out Dino's Donuts when you visit!

  5. Yeah I should promise a new blog if she starts selling Tokidoki stuff. That would just encourage her to do it more.

    No more talk about donuts. They're the devil!

  6. Donuts. Donuts! DONUTS! DONUTS!! DONUTS!!! DONUTS!!!!

    Heck, if it'll get you up here for a visit, I'll Goldstreak some donuts down to you so that you can try them. That way they'll only be a couple of hours old.... Let's see, there are flights leaving around 6am, Dino's opens at 4am, I could get (warm!!) donuts to the Alaska Airlines counter for Goldstreaking (and delivery at your office), and they'd arrive around lunch time. Interested? But you'll have to promise that you and your lovely bride will come up for a visit. I'll even toss in donut delivery when you're in town.