Friday, June 06, 2008

National Donut Day?

Did you know such a day existed? I didn't either. Until my husband called me earlier with the "great news".

It's real alright. After wandering the hallways at his work, he finally suckered someone into going to Voodoo... where they had just run out of donuts.

How do you run out of donuts?!

Poor guy.


  1. Yum! Maybe I can convince Kend/Daniel to get me some doughnuts.

  2. How does a donut store run out of donuts, something is seriously wrong at that point... I wonder how long it takes between batches, if they just keep making them and then selling out 30 seconds some kind of vicious circular type thing...

    In other news, Toki is getting lazy and reusing pictures! I expect quality journalism from my blogs, how apalling. I'm sure you'll try to make up a fake excuse like the donut store was out of donuts or something as a reason to not photograph new donuts...that's *so* like you...

  3. Is this the errand you two were running when you called to harass me about the photos of my new place? LOL

  4. Hmmmm... that would explain why Quin wanted donuts all day yesterday! I did succumb and pick some up for a play date, but not for an after dinner treat! (Yes, Fizzie, I get the mean Mama award.)