Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Heart Broken

So, no one I know echoes my obsession with Tokidoki but I think my husband understands the rationale behind it - cute, small, cute, colorful, cute and cartoony.

I missed my window a year ago on an amazing collaboration Tokidoki did with Lesportsac. I wanted that L'amore design soooooo sooooo much. *sigh* And while the other designs were cute, they just didn't measure up until...

The Tokidoki for Hello Kitty limited collection. Sold out in a matter of days worldwide. Sold out. And even on eBay, they're just too expensive to consider. I weep.

But James. Umm... I did find something else on eBay.

[ed. And remember, it could always be worse.]


  1. Wow. That woman has a serious handbag problem. I think Fizzie has some serious shopping to do in order to mend your broken heart.

  2. That bag is now $600. I'd have trade her new computer in to pay for it...