Friday, May 02, 2008

To Simplify

We're finally joining the world of modern technology and doing away with our home phone. I'm not sure why we kept it for as long as we did. Part inertia, part laziness and part procrastination. I think old habits die hard. It's hard to get used to the idea of NOT having a home phone. But we rarely use it ... other than to hangup on telemarketers.

But with the rising costs of everything, there's no point. Especially when we both have cell phones. Also, I think Comcast has quite the racket going but that's another post.

I've spent the better part of this morning updating our contact information with everyone and everything under the sun. What a pain.

[note: If you haven't received an email from either of us with our contact numbers, drop me a line.]


  1. I'm gonna call you at 4 in the morning to say "Sup" now.

    I need to get rid of my land line, too, but I do find some use for it every now and again when the cell phone connection is being flaky.

  2. The pale male and I don't have a land line. The only time I get telemarketing calls is at work.

    I don't know your phone number, but that's okay. The only time I would call would be to brag that I was in the Sanrio store and not buying anything. Muwhahahaha!

  3. Ha! You actually sent me your phone numbers! Yay! Now I have to go to the Sanrio store next week!

  4. I've actually got a land line and no cell. Prolly not gonna find a cellular plan that gives free calling to Puerto Rico though.