Thursday, May 22, 2008

I See You

The other night, the boy and I were celebrating our 8th wedding anniversay. We were kidding around, waiting for our meals when I looked out the window and saw a young man. He was sitting down on a bench, one hand holding a cell phone and the other hand deeply involved with his nose.

Fizzienub looked at me, saw the fury race across my face and went "uh oh".

First. There's this amazing invention called "tissue paper". It serves all kinds of different functions, including allowing people the ability to blow one's nose without having to go nose spelunking.

Second. If for some reason, you MUST pick your nose, do it in private. And here's an extra hint, especially avoid restaurants. Oh and you are not invisible in your car. I can see you.

Third. Inspection and flickage is just insult to injury.


  1. As a person who used to be an EMT, I can honestly say that your hostility is reckless and pretty darn stupid. Not only are you knowingly trying to inflame a situation that could easily be avoided by you ignoring the poor nose picker, but you are putting yourself at risk for pissing the WRONG person off and getting something flicked on you.

    Life is too short to be so mean and antagonizing. You know what I do when someone is picking their nose? I clap and wave them by. Takes all of 2 seconds and it really makes the person's day. Maybe they have no tissues? Maybe they really need to see what's in there? Who knows? The world would be a better if stickier place if Americans were more considerate about nose picking.

    You are not a very nice person.

  2. It was just one of many issues with dinner that night... cold food, uncooked pasta, reserved food (still cold) and free desert that wasn't very good.

    I blame the fact that we didn't buy any Lego!

  3. Sounds like an evening that needs to be repeated sometime in the near future - in the hopes of erasing this bad experience!