Saturday, May 17, 2008

Fort Night

I remember making the most convoluted, architecturally dangerous forts when I was child. My siblings and I would grab every chair in the house, throw on blankets anchored down by huge encyclopedias and then hunker down inside. We'd bring in pillows, sammiches, books and games and spend hours and hours in the fort.

Occasionally, I'll feel the urge to regress and so last night, we had another "fort night".

As you can see by our construction, it's not very intricate...more like a giant blanket cave. I think that's because moving in between tight and narrow spaces (like chair legs) was a lot easier when I was 12. But who cares! We spent a few hours in our fort with donuts and other snacks while watching TV.

And yes, we don't have children.


I've been obsessed with cooking Thai food lately. I've just learned how to make one of my favorite dishes - spicy Thai chicken basil. It's just amazing. And low fat. And amazing. I love the smell of Thai basil and the chili peppers are gorgeous.

And after a few weeks of cold and rainy weather, we're in the middle of a sun/heatwave. It's about 90ºF outside with clear blue skies. My red Japanese maple looks like it's on fire.


  1. Next time we need to buy some clamps so we can turn it into a fort rather than a cave...

  2. I love the Japanese maple picture!! Any chance you'd be willing to post your Thai chicken basil recipe? I've been wanting to try to make Thai food, but haven't been willing to try a random Google-searched recipe.

    Forts are fun! Quin calls them tents right now, and he gets grumpy about sharing them with anyone but Leila. Hopefully I'll be allowed in the club sometime soon! Maybe I should suggest it for a movie night some time....

  3. One of my favorite things about you, Toki, is your unabashed fascination with childishness, despite actually being a very mature person.

    Well, mostly mature.


  4. 90 F is ridiculous.

    I thought Oregon was supposed to be cool and moist!?

  5. 90 F is cool.

    Incidentally, I live in Arizona.

  6. How's Hello Kitty going? I'm surprised you haven't done more posting on it!