Saturday, April 12, 2008

Some Don't Like It Hot

For the last week, it's been a little chilly, rainy and grey with sporadic bursts of sun. Your average, typical Spring day in the Pacific Northwest.

Then today. Sun sun and sun... with a high of 78°. I consider this sweltering heat and I was not equipped to deal with the sudden onset of summer. There was no warning - barely enough time to crank on the A/C for the first time. And all you people who said we wouldn't need air conditioning here are just plain stupid. Stupid with a capital IDIOT.

In order of priority, the things I love during summer:

1. Air Conditioning
2. My husband
3. Air Conditioning

Alas, even with the A/C, our office gets plenty hot with all the computers running. We've put off buying a ceiling fan for a few years but I dragged the boy to Home Depot this evening. We debated on whether or not to hire an electrician for the installation. He honestly thought he could do it. In the end, I vetoed that option with an ironclad argument: "I don't want to die."

And so, with the air conditioning purring in the background, I watched the season finale of High School Reunion. All the drama, the hookups between diverse social cliques, and 2nd chances some 20 years later. Interesting. Which got me thinking, "If I were single, is there anyone I would want to hook up with, a fish that got away?"

Richard L, if you're reading this - Hi, fishie.

[e. please note that the fish that I did land, aka Fizzienub, is the bestest fish ever.]


  1. It's been above 90 here the past two days. It's ridiculous. When you go outside it feels like everyone in the area has left their ovens on.

    I would like it to cool down just a little. 78 sounds nice.

  2. Are you watching High School Reunion because that girl is naked on the Internet?


  3. Sounds like summer is having fun with you! We still have snow on the ground, but I woke up to snow melting from the eaves. Our icicles are quite long, and I'm looking forward to the annual event of icicle chopping, brought to you by our friend Q, who is extending his trip in Juneau for as long as possible. Or at least it feels that way!

    I like you're new header!

  4. Are there any fish I wish I had landed? Hell yeah! I was a teenage boy, I would have reeled in anything that was stupid enough to grab on!

    Hmm... come to think of it... not much has changed.

  5. Oh, Dan W, where are you? I even worked up the courage to ask him to senior prom. We had a shared study period in the music hall, and I would listen to him play piano while I sorted music (my geekiness coming out - I was band librarian and enjoyed it). Those hands.... He wanted to become a construction manager, and had his life laid out (we talked on and off too, so I had some hopes of him breaking it off with his girlfriend to go with me). Sigh. Some days I overcome my fear of rejection, and other days I don't.

  6. That's a lovely sentiment, hon.

    I guess I was the lucky thing that was stupid enough to grab on!

  7. 78?! 78? I'd give my third testicle for it to be 78! It it 85 today in my apartment before I realized that it was kinda warm. I love you damnyankees sometimes :p As to the one that got away, there was a couple, but I caught the only one that was worth keeping.