Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Size Matters

Years of lazy living, too much on-line gaming and stressful jobs have taken their toll. Coupled with the fact that I'm turning 37 this year ... Oh. My. God.

Time for a change. Like going to the gym 5-6 times a week and in the morning no less! After the first two weeks of the obligatory "ooh my aching muscles" and "just 5 more minutes in bed, please!!", things have finally settled into a routine and I actually like my morning workouts. Will wonders never cease.

Which is the reason why I picked up the iPod Shuffle in the first place. Try strapping this monstrosity onto your arm. I mean, it was small a few years ago when we first bought it but now it's just clunky. And it gets in the way of shoulder raises.

Enter the shuffle. Just clipped it onto my shirt and away I went.

Plus, it's a gorgeous robin's egg blue that I'm currently obssessed with. And no, I wouldn't have bought a black one. I'm branching out in my old age.


  1. Last month it was pink. What changed?

  2. Pink was sooo last month, honey.

    Get with it.

  3. It is quite cute! What color is Fizzie's? Or did you trade him his blue shuffle for your pink shuffle? ;)

  4. Wait until you see the Hello Kitty car we're getting!

  5. Is it pink with Hello Kitty painted on it? I want to see a picture of this one!