Monday, April 07, 2008


After years of avoiding the whole iPod bandwagon, I am now a fanboi. Look at how SMALL and CUTE they are! I mean, honestly. How am I supposed to resist this? Uh huh, right! You know? That's what I'm saying!

La~ Also, you can get them engraved ... with anti-theft messages!


  1. The funny thing is, she put that on my iPod...

  2. Hmm, nice ipod shuffle u jizzer.

  3. Hey, you changed the message!

  4. Apple products = lame. They're a notch below Sanrio.

    Toki is probably never going to speak to me again. :(


    Also, when are we going to get together? I want a girls weekend involving crafts and doughnuts!

  5. I will disregard the comments on my spiffy new Shuffle since Neidren is obviously suffering from massive disappointment stemming from NO HKO BETA 4JOO!

    On a different note... I have a girl's crafting day at least once or twice a month.

    But we definitely need to do one with you, Lirri and myself this summer! Let's plan for it. You two ladies can stay with me and save on hotel/car rentals!

  6. I wanna do some arts and crafts too!!!

    Can I drive down with mom and dad??? LOLOLOLOLOL :)