Friday, March 28, 2008

Weather Gone Wild

It feels a bit like an undecided woman around here. Snowing one moment, hailing the next, followed by hours and hours of sunshine.

This morning, we woke to fluffy snow. I'm sure our plants were thinking "What the hell?!"

Driving by all the blossoming cherry trees, it looked as though they were shedding their flowers... petals flying everywhere.

By mid afternoon, the sun melted everything away and all is green again.


  1. I remember the year we had snow after the crocuses came up, and it was depressing. I hope your boob has recovered from the vicious attack the other night!

  2. There's an interesting story behind that picture I dedicated to you. I initially found it on a Google Image Search, and the whole picture is that little girl yelling at a donkey who is apparently yelling back. I downloaded it, then later deleted it deciding I wouldn't get any use from it. Then someone on a forum I use picked the girl as an avatar and reminded me. Well, okay, not an INTERESTING story. Wish I had the whole picture.

    As always I pray for the health and general well-being of your, and all, boobs.

  3. Pretty enought to appreciate, but still to cold to mow. Yay!