Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Don't Mess With My Boy

Last weekend, the boy was playing on his co-ed soccer team as usual. But some girl pushed him and he fell down.

Look at the size of his bruise! It's JUST starting to get purple and nasty.

I demanded the name of this stupid girl so that I can push her down and smack her around a bit. Ohmygosh... I am SO mad.

I think I better start going to his soccer games so I can protect him better. Seriously. Really, really mad!


  1. Look. I have pigmentation!

    For the record, a girl didn't push me down in soccer...

  2. Sorry...you're correct.

    It was a woman.

    This is an adult league.

  3. A woman??? A woman pushed you down??? Seriously???

    Oh man...for your sakes fizzie, I hope she was twice the size of you.

    Maybe you should stick to DDR! :)

  4. That's quite a bruise! I hope you get better soon (physically and mentally - I see you're in denial)!

    Heh, on the other hand, at first glance I thought Fizzie was trying to show off his biceps.

  5. Soccer is rougher than martial arts!