Friday, November 30, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree

A lot less mess than the real thing (and less worry that the tree will burst into flames) and definitely lacking in the pine scent (candles to the rescue). I don't know... I never liked the idea of hacking down a tree for a few weeks display.

I mean, if it's to become paper for my crafting obssession, that's different. A noble cause worthy of sacrifice!

Anyways, I think the tree is done. Or very close to it. Maybe a few more ornaments and some ribbon. I wanted to go with all red but it looked too dark so I threw in some gold here and there.

Prior to my Rebel, all of my Christmas tree pictures looked like this. Either washed out with the flash or really, really yellow. Thank god for software.

Tonight is my jewelry/martini party. So I need to practice making chocolate and apple martinis. 10 bucks says I'll be drunk before my friends arrive.


  1. The tree is gorgeous! I wish I could join you... maybe you can have one when we're done, and I can just crash for a night or so at your place? Sans kids, of course!!

  2. The tree looks lovely, T.

    And just so you know, some of the scrapbooking companies are now using recycled paper and looking for ways to make the hobby more "green." I thought that was cool.

  3. Yay for bringing over a bunch of girls and getting them liquored up!

  4. Lirri ~ a friend of mine is going to host an internet version of that party. Let me know if you're interested.