Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Photography For Dummies: The Sequel

I should probably buy some books on digital SLR photography and maybe even a how-to guide on Photoshop but that's not my style. If I can't suffer through a million trial and error attempts and then finally google it in frustration, it's not worth doing. Yup.

It's a good thing the internet is full of helpful and knowledgable people. Thanks to fellow bloggers, I take all of my photos in P mode and in a RAW format. It's the best way to manipulate the white balance, exposure data etc.

In order to illustrate the practical application of my edu-ma-cation, I'm going to use my favorite model: the Sprinkle donut.

This is what the original RAW image looks like. I don't use flash because it washes out the colors. And even with a kitchen full of light and 2 side lamps, all of the photos came through with this yellowish hue. Probably because I'm using incandescent bulbs. A big no no.

Then I imported the photo in my RAW image editor and went to town on the white balance and brightness. Much of the yellow hue is gone and it's much brighter. This is the photo I originally posted when we got our 2nd bucket of donuts ... naively thinking that this was as good as it got.

Now that I look at it, I think it's got a pinkish-red undertone.

Enter Photoshop. Today I found out about layers and curves. After fiddling with the above photo for a bit, this is what I ended up with. The pink is gone and the colors just pop. This is very, very close to what it actually looked like: a bright jewel of an artery-clogging treat.


Also, regarding the poll.

I am completely dumbfounded by the preliminary results. I had no idea that so many people slept naked! I'm betting it's all men. Yup.


  1. Yummy doughnuts!

    My camera is just point and shoot, so I just fiddle around with stuff in Photoshop and try not to worry about it much.

    I know several people who've taken photography classes with Karen Russell (scrapbook designer for Creative Imaginations) and recommended them.

  2. One day I'd like to take some classes. But I have to prove to the boy that this isn't a passing fancy.

    I've always loved photography but back in the early 80s, the idea of being in a small darkroom creeped me out.

    Sitting at my desk and taking a few seconds to correct the exposure is the only way to go.

  3. Ok, I guess I'm blind... I thought the second photo looked really great! Pink undertones??? I thought I'd pass on a link to my friend's blog (http://www.lifeofelle.com/2007/10/05/photo-friday/) because she had a nifty post on using Photoshop.

    Oh, and regarding the poll: nope. But then again, we've had this discussion before.

  4. Photoshop is darn fun, of course, I can only very seldom limit myself to correcting only colors, brightness, etc when I could be correcting things like the fact that such-and-so should REALLY have the head of a giant rat.