Friday, October 05, 2007


Yesterday I went sports underwear shopping with the boy and was amazed. The diversity in marketing approaches for the same product was very ... noticable. Perhaps they're selling to a different audience?

Take for instance, Fruit of the Loom. A fairly sensible, no nonsense brand - something a man would buy for himself. Their approach: simple drawings of the boxers and briefs.

Jockey is a fairly no-frills brand too. And although they had models on their packaging, it was a very streamlined look (see the model on the left). No obscene, over-the-top bulge here.

Then there was Calvin Klein. We spent a lot of time in the Calvin Klein section -- correction -- I spent a lot of time in the Calvin Klein section which was punctuated with a lot of "Look at that!", "Good lord!" and finger pointing.

I wanted to buy the Calvin Klein underwear.

I think we found their audience: "If I buy my husband/significant other these boxers, he will look exactly like the picture".

We got the Jockeys.


  1. And to think, I always remember Fizzie bragging about his sexual prowess! Or is he extremely skilled with a small member? That counts too, ya know!

  2. Although the eye is drawn to the sock-like bulge at first, the thing I focused on was the quality of the fabrics.


    Chiseled abs all the way. OBLIQUES!!

  3. Too much male crotch, not enough female crotch. Thumbs down!

  4. I'm a grower, not a shower! >.<

  5. *rolls eyes at Fizzie*

    It's been quite a week for my mind to sink into the gutter: yesterday at work my boss commented that it was mighty quiet in the room where Frank and I work. Frank's comment was "I'm looking at porn." My comment was "I'm trying to dodge the splatter."

    Why do people think I'm innocent?

  6. "Quin see Toki!" was just demanded of me. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of pictures of you. Wanna post some so that my son can admire you?

  7. I'm trying to dodge the splatter!

    Excellent! I love it.

    Also, Quin needs to move to Seattle so he can see me more often!