Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Candy Beggars

It's weird. Like clockwork, every October, a slew of candy beggars show up at our door.

Ooooh nostalgia.... We used to go all out for Halloween when I was little. We'd have groups of kids who'd scout neighborhoods and report back who had the best loot. And multiple costumes so we could make the late night rounds and pick up all the left overs. For 8 year olds, we had quite the racket. I also recall "distributing" the candy my brother and sister brought home. Ahhh... good times.

Alas, Fizzienub isn't able to share the walk down memory lane. He wasn't allowed to trick or treat as child, since my FIL (who is hilarious!!) considered it extortion. I can see that.... "gimme candy or I'll have to trick you! Muhahaha". Yup. Text book extortion.

So, for very different reasons, we tend to go all out with the candy. Last year's goodie bags were a huge hit but took way too long to put together and were too expensive.

This year, we just threw down the big bars.

May I just say that we started out with 60 bars on Saturday and we were down to about 37 this morning. In fact, I had to go buy extra bags of chocolate for the kids just in case we ran out. I'm not pointing any fingers but my husband ate 23 whole chocolate bars in the last 4 days.


Curious George
Originally uploaded by Toki~

It's fun to see what costumes are popular in little kid land since we don't have any rugrats ourselves. The last few years, the Incredibles and Spiderman were very big. This year, Superman Returned! And a lot more skeletons and even the Grim Reaper himself.

My favorites are the little tiny ones that barely make it up the steps unassisted and are almost always outfitted in big, adorable poofy costumes.

Like this Curious George. How CUTE is that?!!!?!

I think I have next year's costume for the boy all planned out.


  1. Jeez, how many soccer games does it take to burn off 23 chocolate bars? Not to mention the leftovers from tonight...he's single-handedly keeping Hershey's in business.

  2. Well, he just ate the last of the chocolate. I really hope that we don't have any more trick or treaters.

  3. I did not eat 23 candy bars, nor did I just finish all the chocolate! We had guests over on Saturday and that was 6 right there.

    Hmmm... speaking of soccer... there might be a game I go play right now. I'm off like a prom dress!

  4. Nice try honey.

    Those who know you, know better.

  5. Lies! It's donuts or broccoli for me.

  6. Our apartment complex doesn't allow trick or treating (They have an event for kids the Saturday before Halloween.) However, sometimes we get a rogue trick or treater or two, so I had some candy here just in case. Tonight a trick or treater came to the door and after I gave her some candy and bade her a Happy Halloween D turns and says to me, "I am so glad you answered the door. I would've had no idea what was happening if I had answered the door to find a small child wearing a costume." He had already forgotten it was Halloween after I had shown him the pumpkins I carved not 5 minutes previously. I married a crazy man.

  7. I think that's hilarious, Neidren.

    Now I wish D had answered the door. His reaction would have been priceless.

    My boy is so odd. Though he is adamant that he doesn't want children, he LOVES answering the door, talking to all the kids and asking them about their costumes etc.

  8. Sounds like everyone had a great time! Toki is going to do me a "favor" and post some of last night's pictures for me (because I'm so far behind on my blog). Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of photos due to my camera being low on batteries, but I did grab it for the actual event. My parents are in town, and they have pictures, but we will have to figure out where Q keeps his card reader before we can download anything.

    Fizzie - I don't beleive you! I can easily see you chowing down on 23 chocolate bars!

  9. It's updated, almost per your request, Toki.

  10. I got turned into the chariot for babies, the two mothers loaded their babies in the carrier behind my trike and I followed along behind them.

    At least I had enough lights on the trike they didn't have to carry a flashlight.