Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Monday was one of those blah days, so I called the boy at work and told him I needed to be pampered and wooed. He laughed. After a few minutes of convincing, he got the message that I was indeed serious.

He came home laden with Thai food (yummy), gourmet cupcakes and roses. I was able to take some pictures of the flowers this morning but the cupcakes ... not so much. They didn't last very long.

I loved that this bouquet was full of different roses. My preference in colors changes every year it seems. For the longest time, only red would do... then pale pink. Lately, I've been drawn to the vibrant yellows and oranges.

Normally, I wouldn't have had time to take all these photos but I forgot to wash my bathing suit so no pool for me. Instead, I spent the morning cleaning. There's something about having a neat and tidy house ... so relaxing and serene.

Now I can go scrapbook! I know, I know. Apparently, I'm still being pampered. *grin*

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  1. Quin really wants your flowers! "Quin wants that one!" They are beautiful! Enjoy your pampering!