Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Dance Fool! Dance!

Looking for ways to improve his footwork in soccer, the boy looked to what all the elite soccer players use: Dance Dance Revolution. "What do you think?" he asked me.


A friend of his graciously lent us her game so that we could try it out. The dance pad is huge! And the music. Argh. Why must it be so technoish? Ick.

Ever so wise, the boy started with the training level. Which is below Beginner. On with the dancing! Oh dear. Although the game will tell you where to place your feet, it won't tell you what to do with your hands. At first, he started marching and then as the moves got faster, he converted to flailing about. After a few songs, he was actually doing fairly well and got a little cocky.

"I think I'll try the Standard level", he said and waited expectantly for the music to start. I wasn't watching the screen since I was taking photos, but the footwork got more frenzied and then the swearing started.

"Oh shit..... OH SHIT!!! Oh MY GOD! SHIT SHIT! !@(*$&!^^^!!!"

Things got progressively worse as the feet flew off the mat and he almost fell over a few times. I know I did... from laughing so hard. In the end, the score was pretty dismal.

101 Boos!

This is going to be a fun few weeks. *grin*


  1. I still think this will work! I will challenge all who enter the house to a dance off! I think we have a painter coming over next week... he is so going down!

  2. That game is so popular and is such a good workout that some schools have started implementing it as a physical education training program.

    So you can sign up for a semester of DDR now in high school!

  3. VIDEOS!! WE NEED VIDEOS!!! Maybe we should get one to encourage me to get some cardio!

  4. I will be sure to take some videos later this week.

    I did it for 30 minutes today and I was sweating and panting like I'd run a marathon. My calves are killing me and my ankles are sore.

    This is a video game?!! Where is my easy chair and pizza? That's what video games mean to me. *sigh*