Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Spam Spam Spamity Spam!

For some odd reason, I had a craving for Spam a few days ago.

And no, Koi. I am NOT pregnant. I actually grew up with Spam because Koreans (freaks that we are), enjoy the canned "delicacy". In fact, there are spam restaurants and spam gift sets. Crazy eh? Spam and on line games. That's what the country is built on.

Anyways, my mom's old tried and true recipe for spam sandwiches was pretty simple. Get out the can of Spam.


Note: Even though it says 25% less sodium... that's 25% less from 1,000,000 grams of sodium. So still pretty damn salty. I forgot how salty spam was. Or how gelatinous.

Next step, remove the Spam from the can. This involved a lot of shaking and then PLOP! out gushed the Spam. MMmmmm... mouth-watering goodness. If you like the look of pink, jellied, mushy goop. Look at that neato wrinkle of stuff on the bottom.

Afterward, I sliced the Spam and dipped it into an egg batter for frying. Spam, eggs and Spam.

Since I didn't have sandwich fixings, I just ate it with a side of rice. Spam, eggs, Spam, rice and Spam.

So, now that I've satisfied my Spam craving, I can go another 20 years before indulging again.



  1. I do like spam on the very rare occasion, the low-sodium one of course.

    Another rare treat I enjoy from my childhood is Scrapple, it's like spam meats sausage...very interesting texture but very good pan-fried:)

    This topic needs more llava mockery... *points and laughs at llava* Ok, there we go.

  2. Really hit the bottom for blog topics haven't you! :)

  3. Oddly enough, there is a variety in Canada called 'Kam' is there not?

    I seem to remember it from my childhood.