Monday, August 13, 2007


My oral surgeon gave my jaw a clean bill of health today. Bones are healing nicely, most of the feeling in my lip and palate have come back and I don't need to see him again for 6 months.

We got to look at some spiffy before and after x-rays.

BEFORE: All that white around my teeth are my braces. Metal comes up very shiny on these x-rays. Note that my lower jaw is more forward than my upper jaw. In a normal jaw alignment, the lower jaw is supposed to be slightly behind the upper jaw.

I am not normal.

AFTER: You can see the brackets and the titanium screws that are holding my face together. Without these puppies, my face would have collapsed right onto my chin.

They moved my upper jaw forward by a few millimeters. It's amazing how painful and expensive it was to do that. Just a few millimeters.

Now this is what you call a face full of metal. You can see where they cut through the bone. It's that line that's perpendicular to the brackets.

Hey! Look at my impacted wisdom tooth at the far upper left. He decided to leave that in because it wasn't necessary and that I had undergone enough facial trauma for one day. What a nice man.

2 months post op. Was it worth it? I guess so. It's hard to say right now because my braces are still on, things are still being moved around and it's a general pain in the ass. But, no more headaches. Which is a very, very good thing.


  1. Yay, Toki! I'm glad that things are healing the way they are supposed to. I just returned from our cruise to Alaska with D's family. Sadly, we got no where near Q and Liri. :(

  2. Neidren ~ Welcome back!!

    We need details, details! On your cruise and BlizCon.

    I miss Girl in a Book. *sniff*

  3. No more headahces.... Excellent! It's tonight! *heads out to the drug store*

  4. Details? Well, we saw lots of ice and pretty scenery. I think I lost a few pounds because I ate only very small quantaties of food, and then only vegetables since my m-i-l could be around any corner. D almost died one night at dinner and he gave me a cold.

    BlizzCon wasn't as good as the first one. Jeff Kaplan was the funniest and most informative panelist again. I think the expansion sounds exciting and I'm stoked about guild banks. That's about it.