Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Return O The Bucket

So much for not eating any donuts for 10 weeks. The bucket beckoned. Once again, our kitchen was covered with these healthy doughballs.

Thanks to Rasa Malaysia for her post-processing tips - it made a world of difference! Look at the difference in the donut photos the last time we had the bucket.

[Ed. This picture of the Memphis Mafia (a banana fritter with peanut butter, chocolate and chocolate chips) was uploaded on 8/29]. I ate it for breakfast this morning. Well, a good 30% of it. The thing is massive - it's sitting on a dinner plate!

The rest of these photos were taken at night with regular kitchen pot lights. Still not too bad - not my lightbox but it works!

Mmmm. Fruitloop donuts. It was very, very hard not to eat all the Fruitloops off these in between pictures.

And my favorite (looking) donut, the sprinkle.

Here's a side by side comparison of what my old camera can do versus the new beauty. Just a world of difference, I think.


  1. That's a pretty significant difference! And all those donut pictures are making me hungry....

    Hey, Q, you have the car today! Wanna swing by the store and get some donuts??

  2. Okay, we need to work on some more photo skills so I'm going to get some new photo subjects! I'm off to get some more donuts and jalapeno poppers!