Friday, August 24, 2007

Red is Red?

Some preliminary comparison shots. In retrospect, I should have turned off the TV in the background. That's a little distracting - doh!

I chose a bright red pincushion as my first subject. Both pictures were taken on a tripod (although height and angle differ slightly because the cameras are different sizes). Neither picture has been photo shopped.

Picture 1: Panasonic DMX FX-01 6.0 megapixel (regular point and click digital camera). Click on the photos for a larger version. Even though I wanted the pincushion to be the main focus, the background objects are clearly visible. Blah! Also, the red came out almost an orangey-red and the fabric of the pincushion looks almost fuzzy and felt-like.

Picture 2: Canon Digital Rebel XT 8.0 megapixel. Because I was able to change the aperture setting, the background is nice and blurry. This is a truer shade of red and you can actually see the grain of the fabric.

Hmmm. James has a soccer game tomorrow. Maybe I should test out the continuous shooting mode! Freeze frame his moment of glory! Ooooh!


  1. At least you didn't have any porn on the TV!

  2. More porn on TV! Then we can take pictures of it with your new camera!