Friday, August 24, 2007

My New Toy

My sweet and wonderful husband (isn't he the best?!?!) bought me a new toy: the Canon Digital Rebel XT. This is my first DSLR camera so I wanted something that was user friendly, dependable and affordable. Although I think this entry level price is somewhat of a bait and switch scam since the lenses for these babies are the real money makers. Anyways, isn't it purty?!

I haven't taken any pictures with it yet since the battery is still charging but I'm going to do some comparison shots with my point and click digital camera. The boy did make me promise not to barge in on him while he's taking a shower so alas, no nudie pics.

Also, I've noted that people seemed to be a little... repulsed by my spam adventure! Don't be h8'in the spam, folks. It's a perfectly acceptable meat and food alternative!


  1. No shower shots don't necessarily mean no nudie shots! Be creative, girl! ;)

    The camera looks quite nice!

  2. I bet if you trade him a bucket of donuts, he'd let you take whatever pictures...but enough of those buckets and you'd probably need a wider angle lens...