Monday, August 27, 2007

After 3 Days...

I am still not a world-class photographer. Hmmpfh. Imagine that. *insert angry frustration here*. Still learning about exposures and white balance. CURSE YOU WHITE BALANCE! I even made myself a lightbox for macro shots but the damn white balance has the background coming out faintly pink.

So, out of 500 or so shots over the weekend, here are three that I'm somewhat happy with. [ed. I added this red flower picture on 8/28]

This is the wittle teacup that the boy made for me during our Weekend of Fun! Hard to gauge the size in this shot.

I have a handful of very colorful crochet needles that a friend gave me. Aren't they pretty?

I was trying to isolate the center of this picture and blur out the rest of the image. It makes for an interesting shot. Actually, I kinda get a headache if I stare at it too long. I won't bore everyone with the details of my new hobby in mindless future posts but suffice it to say, I suck at this so far.


  1. Looks great so far! Why the colored crochet hooks?

  2. Thanks Liri!

    My next project will fool around with shutter speed.

    As for the crochet hooks, I have far too many hobbies.

  3. Ha, I see yer stamen! I think that sex toys also make a good photography subject, being various fun colors and shapes...

    Very fun use of depth of field, quite shallow indeed:)

  4. Toki, I just got your comment. I shoot all my food pictures with P mode, and I shoot them in RAW mode. Then I use the Canon Digital Photo Professional to adjust the brightness and white balance and Photoshop to do some minor touch up (sharpen). Of course, I tried to shoot my pictures with a lot of natural light possible. There is really no secret, software does the wonder. For outdoor shots, I think the Canon XT does a better job...for food photography, you need to do post processing.