Thursday, July 19, 2007


Today, I decided to call some companies and harass them for a change. Here are my results:

1. Credit card company: There's a little song and dance we go through to get the interest rate lowered. Last time I called, they lowered my rate from $15% to 9.95%. Now it's at 0%. Excellent! And they raised my limit without asking. Hmm. I'm not sure if that's a good thing.

2. TiVo: I initially called to cancel because we have the Comcast DVR (which I don't really like but it's cheaper than TiVo) and after being transfered multiple times, I finally got to an "authorized party". Long story short (this took about 15 minutes with all the transfers and holds), TiVo offered to lower my monthy rate from $13.95 ish to $6.95 forevah! Sweet. I'll take that deal.

And then I paid off a bunch of medical bills. Small triumphs obliterated!


  1. Next, you need to work the credit card companies into a -%, so your balance can decay over time!

  2. Working on it! Actually, with the points system my card has, I was able to have them deduct $1000 from my balance!

    So it's almost the same thing.

  3. I got the same offer when I called to cancel my tivo because of my new dvr through Verizon.

    Unfortunately I can only get 2-13 through just coax, and since the cable company dvr is a dual-tuner(record two live shows at once) it's better than just using tivo and a cable box:( Was very tempting, though.

  4. Oh! Any chance you could work on our credit card company to lower the interest rate? We need Toki Magic!!