Wednesday, July 11, 2007

How Many Boys Does A Boy Band Need...

If a boy band could band boys?

Sometimes, I wonder what my taste in men would be like if I had been raised in Korea instead of Canada.

Would I still find boys with piercing blue eyes and light brown hair attractive or would I go screaming nuts over guys like this:

I found about the world's largest boy band (Super Junior - 13 members!) in the archives of Daily Kimchi.

The song is in both Korean and English but I have to tell you, I honestly can't tell what language it is half the time.

As for my earlier comment about tastes... I like the one in the video that's a little girlie looking.

I guess somethings never change - no matter where you're raised. *winks at Fizzienub*


  1. That is creepy and repulsive.

    You say my blog is gross!

  2. I don't think you should malign my countrywo... errr.. countrymen like that.

    You'll make them cry and their mascara will run!

  3. I wonder how much their hair product bills are?

    Also, this is more Q's territory, I have to say. It's gross.

  4. Q's territory is asian girlie boys?!

    I KNEW IT!!!

  5. LOL!! Oh my! That was amusing! Are you sure the girly-boy is really a boy? They all seem to sing tenor. Maybe that's Fizzie's secret: he's a tenor and sings a great falsetto!

  6. Lirri ~ they are ALL male.

    That guy we're all talking about is just sporting a Dragonball Z hairstyle - it's how it translate in real life.

    I would very much like us to all roll male BEs with similar hairstyles and dance in unison. I need 12 volunteers!!

  7. Those guys are hot! *moves to Korea*

  8. I guess that would be an upshot of Korea, almost double the playing field?

  9. What an interesting find you've made....

  10. Hey Merri!!

    And to think, you might have gone your entire life without seeing Super Junior in action!!