Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Halfway Done

I just realized we're now into the 2nd half of 2007. Days and months just seem to zoom by as we get older.

How am I doing on my 2007 resolutions? How are you doing?

1. Run 5 miles without stopping! Update: Errr. This hasn't happened yet. Not allowed to run while my jaw heals and the bone fuses back to my skull. I still plan on doing this by the end of the year!

2. Buy a whole new wardrobe. Update: I'm crossing this off my list.

3. Be more organized. Update: I recently went through about 5 months worth of unopened bills and paperwork and found $5k in checks we hadn't cashed! Yay for being more organized.

4. Be more patient and NOT sweat the small stuff. Update: This is a work in progress.

5. Eat healthy. Update: I'm cooking for both myself and Fizzienub and we have drastically changed our eating habits... except for the Voodoo run last night. Yup.

6. Travel outside of North America. Update: I'm crossing this one off my list as well.

How are you doing on your resolutions?

Ocho's 2007 Resolutions:
1. Don't make resolutions
2. Lose more weight in the way least objectionable to me (ie sitting on my butt at the computer on my off time)

Neidren's 2007 Resolutions:
1. Fit into pants two sizes smaller than the pair I'm currently wearing.
2. Be better about keeping in touch with friends.
3. Learn how to be content in California.

Q's 2007 Resolutions:
1. Spend less time slaying and bathing in the blood of leprechauns.
2. Be more of a boob.

Lirri's 2007 Resolultion:
1. Lose all the pregnancy weight by Nov. 1.


  1. I'm cutting back on the leprechauns one week at a time.

    I'm on week 2 of no leprechaun slaying/bathing!

    More boobs is always a work in progress.

  2. Lost a bit, but hit a plateau that I'm having problems passing.

    Within 15 pounds of my bmi "normal" though, so that's a big improvement I guess:)

    Q still has a lot of work to go on the boob part, but good job with the leprechaun thing. In today's modern society, that's one of the difficult ones to avoid, so great work!

  3. Q ~ it's hard to go cold turkey. We applaud your progress to date!!

    Though you're woefully short of being less of a boob.

    Ocho ~ almost normal on the BMI chart?! That's a long way from where you started over a year ago. We need some before and after pics!

    Cue the BMI rant from Q now.

  4. BMI doesn't work for leprechauns.

  5. Q has been doing a fantastic job on his leprechaun issue! He has taught our son how to identify a leprechaun, though. I'm sure seeing his father bathing in leprechaun blood would scar poor Quin for life!

    As for my goals... the baby weight is coming off, but I'm not sure if I'm on target for Nov. 1. I did start working out at a gym, though!

  6. I'm not doing well on the weight thing, but I am doing better on the being content here in CA thing. So, that's good.

  7. Lirri ~ weight coming off is so much better than weight going on! So good for you.

    Neidren ~ You two can always move to Portland!