Saturday, May 12, 2007

Supremely Fascinating...Not

The home re-model adventure begins. First off, the master bathroom. All that needs to be done is some minor repair work but ...

Why stop there?

It's not a bad bathroom and I actually quite liked it when we first moved in [ed. I'll post a picture of it tomorrow because we left my spiffy new camera at the paint store - luckily, they found it and put it in the safe for us! Hurrah for people who don't steal!] but now I just see all the stuff I dislike. Like the blah color tile, the shower doors, the carpeting, the crappy toilet (heehee).

So we're going to remodel.

Step one - should we get new faucets?

Option 1: This is what we currently have. We both dislike the brass but Fizzienub also dislikes the rims and detailing on the bottom.
Pros: It's free and not horrible.
Cons: We're not thrilled with it.

Option 2: Same faucet but now in a chrome/brushed chrome look.
Pros: It looks better.
Cons: Expensive to replace all the fixtures in the bathroom to remove just the brass.

Option 3: Something completely different and lot more sleek.
Pros: It looks good.
Cons: Expensive to replace all the fixtures in the bathroom and will need a new set of valves to boot.

Technically, we don't need new facuets and if we do decide to change them, it'll be for both sinks, the bathtub and also for the shower... See how these things add up?

But if you're going to re-model, why bother doing it half-assed?

Which faucet do you all like?


  1. I think I want a jet tub! And the crappy toilet is not a result of anything I did...

  2. Get a toilet that squirts your bottom for you!

  3. A bidet should be on your list of upgrades! I like the chrome the best, but I don't like the copper/brass/gold look at all. I want to get rid of our items that are in the yellow tones (mostly light fixtures). Good luck deciding!

  4. I like the third one the best. Plus, it's your home. You should love it.

  5. Get a pump, phase out the sinks, tub, and shower. Water pumps are what's in now. Rustic is the new modern.