Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Photography For Dummies

Aka... lern2read the manual, nub.

Since I was rather disappointed with the blahness of some of my photos, I decided to read the manual. Apparently, there are reasons for all those multiple modes, exposure settings etc.

And then I put my knowledge to the test. I needed a subject matter with bright, contrasting colors for an extreme close up shot in a room with only natural light. My house is not very colorful but luckily, I hadn't put all my Christmas decorations away... so this is what I selected as my objet d'art.

100% un-Photoshopped. It's very, very close to the actual thing. I uploaded the actual photo size so it should be clickable. Be forewarned ... that's a lot of color!

Imagine that - a manual being useful!


  1. At this rate, they will be easily accessible for decorating this x-mas....

  2. That is a pretty nice photo!

    I liked Heros more though.

  3. Wow!!! Maybe I should learn how to use my camera for better kid pics....

  4. Yeah, I've been learning more and more about photography for work recently. It's actually really interesting.

    I'm considering buying a better camera now. D is, of course, all for it. He likes any sort of new technology. I'm not sure that I can justify the cost of a nice camera.