Thursday, April 26, 2007

When Blogs Go Bad...

Or, when Q finally decides to blog.

So, Q's significant other decided it would be a great idea to get Q to write a blog. I quote "I thought you might be interested inreading about the inner workings of Q's mind."

"Hmm." I thought, "What could go wrong with this idea?! Let's do it!" So, I started harassing him. "Q, make a blog", "Q, have you started that blog yet?" and "Q BLOG NOW".

Like all men who are married, he eventually gave in and created Qlogged.

I apologize.


  1. Your torments will be told around campfires to scare small children.

  2. Obviously it isn't so bad, because you actually put a link on your blog to his!

  3. I just want people to see the hideousness that I have unleashed upon the world.

    I take a perverse sense of pride.