Thursday, April 19, 2007

Teeny Tiny Planes...

...That fall from the sky.

So, I had a lot of traveling to do this weekend and in order to try to make up for some valuable time, instead of driving 3 hours to my meeting today, I took one of the company's jets.

We got the smallest one.

When I say small - I mean small.

The interior was no larger (if not smaller) than your standard SUV. As my female passenger kept reminding me - it's exactly these small planes that plummet from the sky on a routine basis.


No, there was no security screening. I parked my car next to the hangar and got on the plane. Yes, there was food and drinks. I had a fruit salad with some orange juice on the flight.

On an interesting note, I got to see all the neato cockpit controls. Even the flashing red light that kept saying something about oil pressure. I think this is why they always keep the cockpit door closed on commercial flights.

When we landed at the private airport, there was a Lincoln town car waiting 4 feet away. No need for baggage claim et al.

A person can get used to this.


  1. Except for the leather, it looks like a plane that most people take to fly out to the villages! Small planes are fun - can you tell I was raised by a pilot of small planes? Quin is thrilled at the picture of the plane, by the way!!