Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Surgery Week!

Tomorrow, the boy goes in for his knee surgery. He's assured me that it's not a big deal and that it's nothing to be concerned about.


On Friday, I have a surgical consult to determine the particulars surrounding my jaw surgery. Unless he's super busy, I think it might happen as early as June. Now this one is a big deal and I suppose if I thought about it, I would be concerned.

I wonder if I'm allowed to be on medication prior to the surgery. I can predict now that I won't be getting any sleep for a week or two prior.

I wonder how my face will look. Knee surgery won't change the boy's face but mine will. Ugh. How weird. After 35.9 years, I have to readjust to a new face. I wonder if they can do my boobs at the same time!?


  1. Wouldn't it be harder to adjust to a new face and new boobs at the same time?


  2. I'm more than happy to "donate" any extra boob tissue you need! I can't wait to get mine reduced!!!

    I hope your surgery goes something like my root canal: I went in for the consultation, and since the guy who was supposed to have a root canal didn't show up, I was offered the spot. I was given a shot of Novocaine before I got out of the chair for the consultation, called work, and had the surgery. No time to be scared! (We were on a tight time line due to our Thailand vacation, and there was no guarantee that the doctor could perform the surgery before our trip.)

    Best of luck to the both of you on Toki's consultation and Fizzie's surgery! And Fizzie, remember that your surgery is first, so be nice about what you ask for while you're recovering, or Toki will have to pay you back - with interest!!

  3. It's like that old saying "When one door closes, another somewhere else opens" but with boob size.

    If I don't see him tonight, pass along a "good luck" with the knee surgery.

    I do find it a bit humorous that your jaw has been so steadfast/motivated/dedicated(can't think of the right word I want here...) in its not changing the way they want it to, in the schedule they planned. Reminds me of a certain hardheaded blogger...

  4. Maybe they will give me a boob reduction when they do my knee!