Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Finance 101

The whole notion of a budget and all the crap that goes with it just sucks, in my not so humble opinion.

Why can't I live beyond my means? Why must I track my spending habits and curtail them? On that note, why can't I just subsist on french fries and ice cream without gaining weight? Why can't I live life as an undisciplined child? /whine

So, our financial advisor tasked the boy and myself to put together a budget - especially since I want to "retire" and become a slumlord/house elf. I itemized all of our current monthly expenses in one column and proposed expenses in another. Here's what I learned:

We spend too much money. I can see why financial pundits are forecasting doom and gloom for most Americans. We are a nation of spenders. Not savers. The best thing to do is get your savings/retirement funds taken out of your paycheck before you get it. That way, your stupid spending habits are thwarted. I had to do that to myself.

Now that we have a budget in place, here's the hardest part - sticking to it.

Our biggest expenditures per month (aside from mortgage and car payments) - eating out and lego.

Son of a fat, geeky bitch.


  1. Hmm, speaking of not saving money and eating out, I just found a good thai place recently that's pretty close(and a couple sushi places I wasn't aware of)

    Ate at the Thai place today and it was very good, though it was well off of my least with sushi it's pretty healthy, this wasn't... They also have a lunch buffet apparently, once I'm off of the diet I'll probably have to try it out a bit.

    Yay for eating out...I mean...uh, eating out is awful and horrible...

  2. *squirrels away some lego money*

  3. Will that technically make you a Slum Elf?

  4. You're still on your diet? More power to you! You must weight 10 lbs by now.

    No more eating out - except once a week. Including lunches. That is the new mandate by the SlumElf!

    *finds Fizzienub's cache of lego money and spends it on scrapbooking stuff*

  5. It is hard to live on a reduced budget, but so worth it! Then again, all it takes is to see how much we'd be paying in child care (+$1200 from what I've heard) to realize that it is cheaper for me to stay at home! Now if only I could get my work-at-home boss to give me more work at the end of the week.... Just as I get him trained, this baby will come, right?