Friday, March 02, 2007

Back From Missouri

Or Misery as I've heard it pronounced.

Here are the stats from my 3 day trip:

12 hours of flight time
3 hours of delays
21 hours of meetings
4 hours of sleep
2 cups of coffee (which was a bad idea since caffeine gives me palpitations)
437 new emails (10 of which I read and answered)
15 voice mail messages (5 marked urgent)
6 Tylonels


  1. Clearly, large quantities of alcohol were missing from your agenda!

    With little umbrellas in the drinks.

  2. I'm trying not to drink at all anymore.

  3. How about virgins with umbrellas? If you're really lucky, the virgins will have that body on your previous post....

    Hearing about your work travel makes me VERY grateful I don't do that anymore!! I'm glad you made it home safely!!

  4. If they had that body, it seems unlikely they would remain virgins for very long?