Sunday, February 18, 2007


So, the boy got a lot of grief about his 17 pic. Various comments about boy bands and making people "switch teams".

Naturally, this prompted me to find an even more embarrassing photo. Apparently, he and his girlfriend at the time decided it would be fun to strike a pose.

FYI. This is very close to his "are you in the mood?" look that he gives me. I think he thinks it's his sexy look. Seriously though - look at those lips.

I am a very bad wife. *smothers a laugh*
Update: I had some requests to post photos of the girl's behind - especially since the above photo shows a rather flat version.

Alas, none were found. I did however find a frontal shot.

And a photo of a different ex-girlfriend.

And of course, for all you boy band fans out there, another great shot of the boy.

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