Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I've seen this a lot on some of the blogs I've been visiting. I think it's supposed to be therapeutic - helping one focus on the positive things instead of sweating over the mass of small stuff.

It's been a horrible few weeks for me - my work (which is still challenging and interesting) is becoming a cesspool of stress. I suppose that's what happens when a company ramps up faster than expected.

So, other than the blatantly obvious (like the boy, my family and the kitties), here are the things I am grateful for:

1. The Cosby Show - it reminds me of simpler times and how much I enjoyed watching this show about a functional, loving family. I always watch an episode or two when I get home - it helps me to relax.

2. My grey flannel robe. I love this robe - it's full length and I've had it for years but it's super soft now. The perfect thing to wear when I'm at home, watching the Cosby Show.

3. World of Warcraft - because it helps distract me from work (sensing a trend here?). Although in the last few weeks, this too has become a source of stress at times. Which is unfortunate *sigh*.

4. My car. I know it's a shallow thing to be grateful for but if you knew how much I hated/feared driving, you'd understand why it helps having a car that's fun to drive, has great brakes and handles very well.

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  1. I hope work calms down for you soon! Maybe you and Fizzie could escape for a weekend at the coast? You could even drive your car, bring a laptop, and watch The Cosby Show! :)