Wednesday, January 10, 2007

My Water Bottle

Part of my resolutions involve healthy eating - which includes drinking gallons of water every day. So I got a new water bottle. It's a lovely pale lavender-pink color. Unfortunately, my stupid phone takes horrible color photos so you can't see the true pale pinkieness.

It makes it much easier to drink the 64 oz of water every day. I tell the boy about three times a day just how much I love my water bottle. Poor boy.

This is Q's water bottle. He claimed he would deny ownership but those who know Q, know that this just screams of Q-ness.

What does your water bottle look like?


So, what to roll for Burning Crusades.

Priest? Paladin? Priest? Paladin? Priest? Hunter? Paladin?

I think I'm going to try the Paladin. Though this changes daily - along with my motivation and desire to level up another character on a pvp server. And sometimes, this game is more headache than fun.

Fizzienub is going to level up a Blood elf Hunter. Yes, a hunter. This is his 5th one. Not one has made it past level 36.


Music for the Commute:

Only a week and a half into bumper to bumper traffic commutes, I am the poster child for road rage. So the boy went and burned a CD with all of my favorite 80's music.

How angry can you get when you're listening to "If you leave" by OMD? WOoooooo. And Paul Young's "Everytime you go away"...


  1. I like to listen to music that makes children want to strangle and drown kittens when I drive.

    That way I'm ready when it comes time to DESTROY another driver!

  2. You don't even drive, you passenger. Talk to the hand.

  3. Q doesn't drive? Are you kidding?

  4. Nope, he's a wimpy passenger.

    He makes his wife drive him everywhere. In fact, when he was visiting, he made me drive him around as well.


  5. Well it turns out that this will be my 6th Hunter. I forgot the one I got to 22 on the BC Beta. Thanks, Neid! All the others got to around 35.

    I was going to roll a Paladin, but since I'm not a very skilled player, if I fail to heal someone it could cause Karma to make me sleep on the couch.

  6. Should I defend my husband, or not... I just can't decide! I can say that the insurance company thought it was strange that I'm listed as the primary driver on both cars.

    As for water bottles, Q picked a nauseating orange one about a year or so ago("This way I'll know it's mine"), and it didn't motivate him to drink more water. I'm hoping the pink one will motivate him... maybe one should go to work with him!

  7. She stole the orange one, that's why I needed a new one.

    It was always filthy with her saliva.

  8. I have just been told that Q's post is the price for not defending him. Humph. I don't use the orange one unless Q has neglected to bring the other water bottles down for washing. I try not to use it (I think I've used it MAYBE 5 times in a year or so) because it's his "special" water bottle.

    But after his last post, I think I'll start using the pink water bottle regularly!

  9. My water bottle looks a lot like toki's, but a flatter lid(more like a gear shape if you look down on it) and blue.

    It holds a liter but the mouth is kinda big, so it makes drinking awkward at times without the special drinking insert.

    For BC I'll yet again not be rolling an alt.

  10. Wow, Liri's water bottle sounds disgusting.

    Blech. Remind me not to drink from her filthy, saliva coated bottle.


  11. Heh, at least I know how to bring my water bottle down to the kitchen so that it can be washed! Last time I tried to take a sip from Q's water bottle, I was disgusted by the aroma, and couldn't drink anything!

  12. I fill mine with mushroom juice to repel her, when she isn't looking.

  13. That would explain the smell.

  14. Wow, the two are you are beyond gross!!