Monday, October 02, 2006

The Saga Begins

In a galaxy near, near to us ... one Lego obsessed husband walked into a toy store and pointed to the Imperial Star Destroyer.

“I WANT THAT ONE”, he said.
An hour later, back at home, a brief struggle ensued to see who would build it first. In the end, he won (but I would have my satisfaction).

Giddy with excitement, he cleared a space to begin his creation, nicknaming the dining room table "Lego Command Center One". Then he slowly opened the box and pulled out package after package of parts.

He rolled up his sleeves and went to work. Hours passed. A steady stream of grunts and the occasional  “Neato!” punctuated the silence. Slowly, the skeleton of the Imperial Star Destroyer took shape.

It was shortly after this that we realized a Truth. This thing is freaking HUGE!

Once the framework was in place, James began the laborious task of building the plates that covered the top and bottom. This was divided in four sections. Here it is with the first plate mounted to the underside of the Destroyer.

Also note the giant thrusters. They elicited a "COOL" from the very pleased builder.

With the addition of the top plates, the sleek lines of the ship became immediately recognizable.

After days of intensive building, the boy wearily rose from his chair to take a break. "I'm going to play soccer!", he yelled and left Lego Command Center One.

Big mistake.

Here's where revenge reared its floraly head.

If you can't make out what those colorful dots are, here's a close-up.

Despite solid arguments that this was in fact an IMPROVEMENT, he remained adamant that the Star Destroyer was not designed to be cute. Off came the flowers.

A week later, the end was in sight. The ship was moved to a new location, "Lego Docking Station Two" while he continued construction of the remaining pieces at the Command Center.

This ship takes up the full diameter of our kitchen table - which seats 4. To stay it's large is an understatement.

After seeing the tedious, repetitive steps necessary to build this thing, I've decided to take a pass on putting it together myself. At least for the next few months. I told him that we should at least put the Darth Vadar Lego minifig on the top of the ship, but all I heard was "blah blah, blah, not to scale, blah blah blah"


  1. The flowers are great! You should leave them on!! There's nothing wrong with a little creativity in the house, Nubcakes!

  2. I think it should be piloted by lego dinosaurs that use the force and ride sharks into battle.

    Well, they ride the sharks when they aren't riding the star destroyer, trying to ride the sharks around the corridors of the destroyer would be silly.