Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Road Trip!

My car is back at the dealer. They're investigating the cause of the creaking sound in the back seat. *sigh* So they gave us a loaner car in the interim - a Z4.

Umm. Sporty convertible cars suck. They're tiny, have terrible visibility and you can feel every bump in the road. Me no likey.

As soon as we drove off the dealer lot, the boy yelled out "Road Trip!" What is it about rental or loaner cars that bring out the reckless, road warrior in all of us? Let's scratch it up, let's rack up a million miles, let's go off roading with it! Odd.


Speaking of road trips, I'm going on one in a few days. Northern Michigan. Well, getting there will be via plane but unfortunately, my clients are in the middle of nowhere. 4 hour drives daily for 5 days. What is up with that?! I need a raise.

And it's snowing there.


  1. Four hour drives daily...for five days...

    20 hours of hell in my book. But I hate driving anywhere.

    You need a raise.

    I need a raise just for thinking about 20 hours of driving.

  2. My bum is also unhappy about the travel plans.