Monday, October 23, 2006

I <3 Traveling

After 8 hours, I arrived in WI last night. Unfortunately, my suitcase decided to stay and party in Chicago.

You would think that after years and years of being in business, airlines would have figured out simple things like how to take a suitcase from point A to point B. I've heard the statistics about how 99.2% of all luggage gets to their destination without any issues. Uh huh. This has happened to me 3 or 4 times now.

I think their stats are screwed up. That or some luggage handlers have me on their "list".

I was finally reunited with my underwear, toothbrush and clothing late this morning. Went back to the airport to meet up with my coworker and found out that his flight was cancelled due to mechanical problems.

He's enroute now but won't be arriving for another 5 hours. So, he'll get in some time tonight around 10 pm. That means we're about 8 hours behind schedule. Because after he arrives, we have a 4 hour drive to Northern Michigan. And since we're crossing over timezones, we'll arrive at our hotel around 3 am. Just in time to unpack and get back up at 6 am for our morning meetings.

I'm going to try to take a nap now. *sigh*


  1. It wouldn't be a Toki roadtrip if there weren't a ton of problems.

    Maybe someone from an airline saw what happened that one time in a line when you and nubcakes were together and wants to exact revenge for nubcakes, so spreads your name and picture around...or you just have awful luck. Either one.

  2. All your suitcase are belong to us in Chicago!!!

    Seriously, that sucks. I'm glad it got sorted out at least somewhat quickly though. What airline did you use?

  3. American Airlines and United.

    Traveler's tip - if you have a connecting flight, try to stick with one airline. The likelihood of mistakes occuring rises dramatically when you switch carriers.

  4. Any chance you had time to meet up with Crym in Chicago? He could have thrown his weight around and gotten your suitcase faster! Seriously, I hope the rest of the trip goes smoothly!

  5. Hmm. Looks like the BC beta people get to enjoy it a bit longer. Release has been delayed until January.

  6. This will seriously cut back on your enjoyment of everything Wisconson has to offer!


  7. Toki-

    I know what would make your business trip better, looking at new Quin pics! Lirri posted some on her blog!

  8. Thanks for the vote of support, Neidren! I always need that, especially in the face of Toki's voracious Quin pic appetite!

  9. I can't wait to be reunited with Toki's underwear....