Friday, August 11, 2006

Soccer - The Non World Cup Way

The boy plays soccer. *refrain from any comments here* Twice a week, our vent group will hear him say, "Okay, I'm off to play soccer!". There's usually a chorus of "Good lucks!".

2 hours later, he returns all sweaty and smelly. Showers are mandatory. Then back on vent, the gang will ask "What was the score?" .. to which he will answer, "We lost 2 - 11".

But the boy loves his soccer. Here's an action shot for all you doubters (one of two games I actually attended). He's in the orange jersey #28 ... just covering the crap out of the guy in blue.

Now, I love my boy and he has mad skillz but let me say something about his league. It's not like watching the World Cup. BUT it is entertaining in it's own way.


I have a little nephew and niece whom I have yet to meet. Work or something has always gotten in the way of visiting and they're little people now. I missed their baby stage completely. Which might explain why I latched on to Eric and Jessica's baby Quin. Although, in all fairness to Quin, that kid's facial makeup is freaking adorable.

This is Nathaniel. He's pretty cute as well. Odd since my brother is so homely looking.

In Korea, after the first 100 days of a baby's life, there's a big celebration. Probably because the infant mortality rate was so high back in the "olden days". Hmm. That sounds right. I could call my mom and verify but then I'd have to listen to a long list of "Why don't you come up and visit anymore?" type questions. [ed. Okay, I googled this and I am indeed correct].

So, at the child's 100th day celebration, tons of people turn out, loads of food and gifts... and the kids are dressed in traditional Korean garb. This is the male version:

Pretty dorky. Actually, if the boy and I had gotten married in a traditional Korean ceremony, he would have worn something similar. Minus the little black hood. The hood is only worn by single men. And if you wear the hood backwards, it means you're gangsta cool or a"gangpeh".

This is what the traditional Korean wedding ceremony clothing looks like. How hot would my boy look in this?

It's always been a dream of my mom to host an official post-wedding party back in Toronto in front of all her friends and family (we did the Justice of the Peace thing back in 2000). Even though we've been married for over 6 years, she still talks about this... talking about what color would look best on the boy, what color I would like etc.

I suggested pale pink for the boy. *grin* My dress? I want black (of course), strewn with tiny, tiny white flower blossoms all over the bottom and trailing gently up. Mom says red needs to be in there though since it's a good luck color.

One day, one day. I made her a promise.


  1. Fizzie looks like he's getting ready to attack #27...

    With #27s posture I think he's very vulnerable to a surprise assault by Fizzie, all opened up and with his arm flailing helplessly. Get him Fizzie!

  2. Soon after that shot, Blue 27 called for a time out because he was being covered so badly and run ragged.

    It's sad to see a grown man cry.

  3. Your nephew is pretty cute.

    So, if you get black with trailing flowers, does nubcakes get pink with trailing poodles? Baby chicks?

  4. Wow, this blog post got much more salacious...

    We have moved from soccer to wedding voyeurism! I think that would make weddings a LOT more interesting, although I'm not sure as many people would get married. I think I would have just settled for common law after 7 years rather than go through the whole porn star for a night scenario.

  5. I have been warned by Nubcakes (who no longer has access to blogs at his work) that if the soccer pic I posted is unflattering, I will "get it".

    I am assuming that "getting it" means a bag of stickers and beads. All things that I love.

  6. My mom is addicted to Korean soap operas. She was watching one that was set in the olden days ... like a Korean version of Little House of the Prairie-ish.

    I noticed that a gaggle of old women sat around this room peeping in. I asked my mom what was going on and she replied, "they're watching the consummation of the bride and groom. Need to make sure she's cherry".

    Now 99% of what my mom said was in korean ... except for the "cherry" part.


  7. Toki-
    Here's a cool lego thing.

    Also, I like to think that you actually yelled out the "not in nubcake's house!" thing at his soccer game. Oh, and cute baby pics.

  8. Well, actually, Neidren.

    Nubcakes was the one who yelled that out. In a moment of triumph, upon successfully blocking a defender, he yelled out "Not in my House!"

    Which has now become our motto for all things.

    Like one time, this woman tried to cut in front of me at the grocery store, and I tripped her up yelling our motto.

  9. Grocery store catfights are hawt!

  10. I don`t really have a comment, besides complaing about the pics being so small on my phone. But at least nubs can read and post comments from his phone, albeit very slowly.

  11. Neidren - I loved, LOVED that painting when I was growing up.

    It fascinated the crap out of me and made me dizzy at the same time.

    Those lego guys are genius. GENIUS.

  12. What great shots! And your nephew is quite adorable!

    Red is a GREAT wedding color! We're coming up on 5 years, and my dress was red. Not another color on the dress, although I did wear a lavender necklace.... You will have to post shots of the post-wedding reception (when ever it happens) with Nubcakes in his poodls 'n pink!

  13. Do you know Vietnamese people loves Korean film and Korean tradional dress. Love your photos.
    Greetings from Vietnamese God-Tu