Friday, July 14, 2006

Return of the Lego!

So, we're back into our lego hobby after a short hiatus which was brought on by a sudden jolt of reality. In order to build the castle we wanted, we needed to buy about $3K in lego. Needless to say, it took us aback.

But, we've bounced back! I just bought this:

It's HUGE!! Almost 1700 pieces. I spent a few hours on it last night and am 2% of the way through. Most of the time was spent hunting for the appropriate piece though.

And now we've decided to build all of our Star Wars models and see what that looks like. Maybe I should paint a Space background for it!! and try to suspend some of the fighters in the air.

OOOh, we so need to buy the Death Star. That thing is enormous.


There's a sandcastle competition going on in the main town square. I have a great view of it from our offices. I need a camera phone.


  1. Yes! We need pictures of all these things!

  2. This topic is underperforming, I think too many of the readers are lego h8ers! As for pictures, go here:

    Lego's are damn pricey, they are more expensive than videogames:( But I can see why Toki and Nubs are complaining, there are just too many cool lego sets and possibilities.

  3. Not Lego haters, per say, they just have many small parts that could go into small mouths and need to be fished out of poopy diapers. I would rather fish in WoW or real life, thank you, and I hate fishing!

    I'm looking forward to breaking out Q's old Legos when Quin gets older! I used to love playing with them!!