Friday, May 26, 2006

Butt Massage

Today is the day we go live with one of our projects. Weeks and weeks of meetings, long hours, conference calls etc... all boils down to today.

After a solid week of headaches and terrible lower back pain, I decided to book myself a 90 minute massage last night.

The masseuse was able to locate the source of all my lower back ache - it's in my butt. Apparently, I have a pain in the ass. Anyways, she probably spent about 30 minutes massaging various parts of my butt. And did it ever hurt.

Here's how the conversation went:

Masseuse: "Wow, it's really tight here..."
Me: *grunt*
Masseuse: "Yup, really tight. You could say you have a tight ...ass"
Me: Har har.
Masseues: "Sorry, massage humor. I guess you hold all your stress and tension in your bum." *presses down hard*
Me: Owie.

Great. My ass is a conduit for stress and tension. And here's the thing about getting your butt massaged. It's hard to relax - completely. For obvious reasons.

For the record, it did help a lot with the lower back pain.


  1. Sounds like something James could help you with occasionally....

  2. Tight ass should be a medical term...

    "Sir, I do believe you have a case of tight ass."

  3. *is overwhelmed by potential jokes*

    So many jokes fit here, it makes my head hurt!

    *head explodes*